Mission Statement

We fight to promote liberty and personal responsibility by restoring Constitutional limits on government.

Core Principles

  • We believe that individual liberty and personal responsibility are the foundations of a successful society.
  • We believe in the fundamental principles on which our nation was founded, as stated in the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.
  • We believe in limited government and local control.
  • We believe in a strong national defense to secure the rights of the citizens.
  • We believe in economic freedom.
  • We believe in fiscal responsibility and sound money.
  • We believe that private property is a fundamental right.

Vision Statement

Responsible logging, mining, agriculture, and energy production provide raw materials for local industry to create products that bring wealth into the community. This leads to a diverse and thriving business environment with high employment and opportunities for everybody to achieve prosperity and personal fulfilment. 

We live in safe, clean neighborhoods where families play, eat, learn, work, worship, explore, and discover together, and neighbors reach out to help people in need through local churches and charities. We can all enjoy the abundant recreational opportunities in our beautiful, locally managed forests, rivers, and mountains.

Josephine County Republican Executive Committee:

Chair: Joshua Robinson
Vice Chair: Dennis Dickson
Treasurer: Richard Smith
Secretary: Diana Hernandez

The Josephine County Republican Central Committee adopted the Mission Statement, Vision Statement, and Core Principles by a unanimous vote on June 12, 2013.

The Mission Statement, Vision Statement, and Core Principles define an organization’s purpose and establish how that purpose should be carried out.

Whenever the Central Committee considers a new position or policy, it should base its decision on three questions.

        • Does it align with our Mission?
        • Does it conflict with any of our Core Principles?
        • Does it move us closer to, or further from, our Vision?

By focusing on our Mission, Vision, and Principles, we will keep our party on track and ensure that we’re doing the right thing for our party and our county, state, and country.


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